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Eight Artists on the Influence of Tom of Finland

Brontez Purnell, Oakland, Calif.-based writer and artistWe kind of take Tom of Finland for granted, because, let’s be honest, as ...
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‘Days of the Whale’ Review: A Battle Between Art and Power

For all the stress and strife endured by the teenage protagonists of “Days of the Whale,” a drama set in ...
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Taylor Swift and Kanye West Will Tangle Again, With Dueling Albums

Taylor Swift and Kanye West, the most reliably combustible pair of stars in pop music, may well face off yet ...
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How New York’s Jewish Museum Anticipated the Avant-Garde

The show for which McShine is best remembered — and which is one of the most celebrated exhibitions of the ...
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A Work in Progress That Explores Our Collective Ignorance

In this new series, The Artists, an installment of which will publish every day this week and regularly thereafter, T ...
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‘Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful’ Review: Man With a Camera

Any artist who visibly raises the hackles of Susan Sontag deserves a closer look, and Gero von Boehm’s “Helmut Newton: ...
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‘Fisherman’s Friends’ Review: A Tale of Unlikely Chart-Toppers

This movie about singing seafaring working men hums a familiar tune. Source link ...
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Welcome to the Great Indoors: Museums Beckon in the Berkshires

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — Museums that seemed on the brink of reopening in New York are staying shut after Gov. Andrew ...
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Stephen Colbert Thinks Trump’s ‘Virus-Side Chat’ Came a Bit Late

“When asked about former associate of Jeffrey Epstein and accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell at his press conference yesterday, President ...
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