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Why Join Our League of Artist?

While most artists find their life to be trivial sometimes it can get a bit too challenging. Being a full-time artist comes with a lot of struggle, sacrifice and emotional setbacks. While the world spends money trying to look rich, artists end up being broke on the journey to discovering their true self. Our global community of artists is a platform that aims to educate, promote and support craftspeople and artisans from all walks of life. Our community can bridge the gap between artists and people who are looking to get art jobs with collaboration. We aspire to empower artists who are without work and hope to do so by bringing visual arts to the forefront via World Art Association.

Gain Knowledge & Insights

Our online community inspires every artist to share their work, improve it and helps them to keep trying again. Enroll in our educational programs to listen to famous artists, take workshops and watch online programs. If you want to expand your knowledge and learn more about art techniques then this is a one stop shop to cater to all your needs.

Amplify Your
Art Carrer

Participate in exhibitions and artist associations to earn more recognition with our community. This not only benefits your career but also provides you with more credibility in front of collectors and galleries. Helping young artists find their calling is what motivates us all the time. Regular feedback and reviews from critiques can help you grow and develop a style of work unique to your artistic personality.

Build The Right Connections

Networking opportunities are the main difference between a successful and a struggling artist. Talking to the right people at the right time can help you develop your career as you go along. Our online community gives you a simple and effective way to connect with all patrons of art irrespective of your location. Participate in online shows and volunteer for other events to meet new artists and mentors from around the world.

Guiding Artists through the Covid 19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has bought about worldwide uncertainty across all forms of businesses. The dailyroutines are now quickly shifting to adapt the present day scenario. Keeping self-quarantine as the top priority, most art events and others gigs have now been put on-hold.
And the result?
Delayed work, chaos down the production funnel and loss of wages. And the art industry is not any different. Millions of artists around the world have to put on their projects on hold and have no way to connect with the society. Our community aims to help artists shift their business online and adapt to ‘the new normal’. We aim to offer top-notch online solutions to make sure that artists can stay employed during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
We understand that thousands of artisans and craftspeople are locked out of their livelihoods at the moment. Our platform provides unusual digital solutions that cater to a wide variety of artists in the market. Every art is unique and thus requires a different solution; be it disposing of existing stock or procuring raw material for production.

Lession From

Looking back at the bubonic plague of the 14th century, there is no doubt that the Black Death left a catastrophic impact on the human population. The plague claimed more than 200 million lives across the world. There were severe cultural, social and economic consequences that tested the patience of the society.
In the end, the fittest survived and gave birth to the renaissance period. The arts flourished and bought about what we call a bridge between the middle ages and modern art. Several art historians believe that the Renaissance was more of a cultural and intellectual movement rather than a period of time.
‘Renaissance’ means rebirth and it was at this time that artists began to revitalize their culture be reemphasizing their philosophies and art styles. As the result the society witnessed some major developments in the areas of world exploration, the printing press, astronomy, sculpture and painting technique and writing.

Show your talent with the World Art Association !

On World Art Association you can create your profile, upload your artworks, finalize your selling price, show your work experience, show your exhibitions and media coverage, show your strength. We will support you to present yourself in proper way, we will create marketing tools for you in the new marketing world using digital marketing techniques.

Meet New People all over the World

On this platform, no one is the mediator between artist and client. artists can meet new people and make them clients with their own commitments. and a progressive network will work for all the artists and the buyers in future.

How Are We Going To Bring A Change Today?

The internet has turned out to be a blessing in disguise in the present day world. The media industry makes sure that people all around the world can use technology and make the best of this lockdown situation. Seeing how the Renaissance period returned Europe and the world to its former glory, we hope to motivate present day artists to product art that gives hope to humanity.
Our online community offers a variety of programs and opportunities to artists, patrons, institutes and other sponsored organizations that help artisans to expand their work base from the comfort of their home. We understand how it can be very hard to get commissioned projects when the world is under lockdown and social distancing is the new norm.
Artists all over the world have been providing hope to the community with their music, videos.
paintings, doodles and sketches. And so, we know that this just another beginning of a new era that all people would simply have to adapt to. With our sophisticated programs like online art classes, art forums & discussions, virtual events and collaborations, we aim to make this transition period to the virtual market easy for the arts community

Which Different Art Forms
Do We Support?

The term ‘arts’ encompasses a large variety of activities that range from performing & visual arts to culinary and literary philosophies. With our online platform, we aim to provide an online market in the fields of:
Digital Graphics