11 of Our Best Weekend Reads


Welcome to the weekend. Uncertainty is hard. Sitting still in what we know is so much easier. But we are not sitting still — not anymore. We’ve gone straight from lockdown and isolation to gathering in the streets. It’s a head-spinning turn. Maybe the weekend is a time to take stock. Whatever you are doing, make time for some amazing journalism.

Portis, who died in February, occupied a unique place in American letters. His novels, written in the vernacular of his native Arkansas, beg to be read aloud. Above, John Wayne, left, and Charles Portis, on the set of the 1969 movie version of Portis’s novel “True Grit.”


Following an Oakland tavern and its staff — from the tattooed bartender to the undocumented cleaner — as they weather the economic and emotional fallout from the coronavirus. Above, Louwenda Kachingwe, the owner of the bar, the Hatch, is known as Pancho. “The logical thing would just be to shut it down,” he said at one point. “But in this case, it’s about the people.”


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