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Hot Vax Summer? Falstaff and Shakespeare in the Park Are Ready.

[ad_1] That laughter only increased in late June, when a state directive eased some restrictions. The Delacorte, which had been ...
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Richard Donner, Director of ‘Superman’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’ Films, Dies at 91

[ad_1] Richard Donner, the tough, single-minded but playful film director who made Christopher Reeve’s Superman fly, Mel Gibson’s deranged detective ...
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With Venues Reopening Across New York, Life Is a Cabaret Once Again

[ad_1] “Thank you all for risking your lives by coming out tonight,” Joe Iconis quipped, welcoming a socially distanced crowd ...
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Retooling ‘La Bohème’ for Pandemic Performances

[ad_1] LONDON — It’s an evening of drinking and revelry at Café Momus. A group of young men chatter away ...
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They Resurrected MGM. Amazon Bought the Studio. Now What?

[ad_1] The producer Matt Tolmach, who has two projects in the works at MGM, including the horror film “Dark Harvest,” ...
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