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Art allows viewers the opportunity to see the world with new perspective. It introduces values into our culture. It makes dreams tangible, it helps those to communicate who are not physically able to do so with spoken word. It free’s minds and pushes brain development. It relieves people from psychological problems and even is known to alleviate stress. Art as a collective reflects the current state of society at any given point in time.

Who we are?

World art association is a platform for all the new and experienced Artists, Photographers, Cartoonist and Digital Artists. Artists from different aspects can join our website. It is a non-profit organization to support artists around the world. As the situation of Covid-19 has became an issue for the superior powers of the world. It has affected the World Economy badly. People have lost their jobs because of this. Similarly, the artist community had also been affected very badly by this pandemic. It is crucial times for the artist community that has been under bad effects for almost 1-2 years.

To survive and get through this situation people are working hard to out of this as soon as possible. Many Artists has lost their livelihood. Their financial status is not that strong to fulfil their daily needs. To help the artists in this hazardous situation, we are here to build a community of artist globally and support them with the help they need. Our Mission is to Support, Promote and Provide Art Education to build a community with different art associations of the world and artists from around the globe come and become a member on our website.

World Art Association will try to help the artists who really need help in this crisis. For that we need to grow our community and try to reach every artist we can reach out. To build a community we need to collect the data from the artists from all around the globe. After, building a community of artists around the globe and collecting data from the artists. We will try to organise several events and exhibitions on our website. Organizing such events and exhibitions on the website will give an exposure to the artist. We just want to help, support and build a community of different artists of different interests all together on our website.


Collecting art is a marker not just of adulthood, but another, more elevated level of adulthood. Like wine tasting, it’s something you feel might be important to try, although you’re not exactly sure why.

Most young people aren’t about to buy their own home anytime soon. Instead, we’re at the mercy of landlords and forced to schlep our belongings to a new place every few years (if we’re lucky). The act of moving home so often doesn’t just make investing in quality furniture like an Eames chair difficult, it makes you question whether to buy anything large at all.

But art is different. It’s something you can appreciate instantly and the act of putting it up will make any place feel like home. It’s also more than just owning an object.


Why are activities with music, movement, drama, and art so successful with you? Through activities with the arts, people learn to express their rapidly growing understandings, their thoughts, and their feelings. The process of making art allows the artist to give image, word, sound, or movement to something that is often intangible – that is what artists do every day. They are born artists and scientists. Artists explore the arts with both a creative and a scientific “eye.” The artist in them searches for creative expression, and the scientist figures out the way to do it! Our role is to provide them with the materials and inspiration, then to stand back and let them go!

Taking the art world online

One can’t afford not to have an online presence these days. Why? Interested buyers can find you more easily which increases the likelihood of selling your art. Social media has been part of the art world for a while. But with physical galleries now empty it’s suddenly the sole means for organisations to retain a connection to audiences. The artworks will not be limited to some people, it may reach out more to the people by using online mode to sell your artworks. It may also increase a chance to get exposure from your art pieces more in such exhibitions and events. It also gives an opportunity to the artist to express themselves more to the world. Express their Ideas and thoughts not just to the limited people but taking it online it may reach out more to the world. Today majority of the people uses social media platforms. It is a great opportunity to express yourself not just to a community but to world.