Zuzana Mental

    – currently lives in the Czech Republic.

    She has had 15 solo exhibitions and more then 20 group participation among them she is an award winner in A’Design Award in 2016.

    Her works belong to private and public collections in Japan, Lebanon, Spain, India, Israel, Czech Republic, Mexico, USA, India, England, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and Slovakia.

    She is an awarded artist. She is a member of the MAO.


    A Slovak award-winning artist and designer, Zuzana Mantel’s glass mosaics work is created with light and color, emotion, and vibration. She uses color to create space. The definition of her expression is metaphorically symbolic. She is interested in philosophy, numerology, symbolism, life-philosophy, religion, and culture. Her expression is metaphorically symbolic.

    The skull is a symbol of the indestructible soul, man’s age-old desire for rebirth.The magic symbol of the skull, considered a symbol of nothingness and transience of the physical world, human experience, expresses the cycle of life and death. It also represents spiritual understanding, the mystical death of the ego, and a symbol of rebirth. The skull is a symbol of vitality and intelligence, as it is a container for the brain.We show fear of death, if not, then at least respect for those who have already left for “eternity”.

    Website: www.zuzanamantel.com

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