Dr. Nupur Nehru


Dr. Nupur Nehru

Dr. Nupur Nehru was born in a Kashmiri family in Meerut, daughter of late Raja Saab Nehru and late smt. Prem Nehru who was the first lady lawyer in town. The ideologies of feminism was inherited in 1957 the year she was born.
As a child Dr Nehru was fascinated by Lord krishna and anything associated with him was arts for her. He was every where, It started with sketches, paintings and later on her academics. She started her teaching career in 1982 as a lecturer in IND college , joined NAS degree college as HOD drg. and ptg. in 1992 completing 38 years of service she got retired on 30th june 2020. It was a long journey but the road was never easy, PhD in 1982 on Lord Krishna, book on aesthetic of Indian Arts along with her D Lit. in 2004. She has participated in many art exhibitions but a solo exhibition in 2005 on “Ghunghat” (translated “veil”) in Arpana Art Gallery was one of the most memorable moment of her life. She has successfully organised many art exhibitions at the university level and was also honoured to be a art of the jury for many. Meerut holding the world record for largest painting in the world (15 acre in length), she was one of the leader artists.
Under her guidance, 22 students have completed their PhD. One of her student Dr Prince Raj is trying to make a difference in the field of Arts. For him, Dr Nehru is a shining knight for students who cannot afford their dreams on canvas.

Title – Beloved in red
Medium – Oli on canvas
Size – 105 x 75

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