Jarvis Cocker Keeps Hearing That Voice


Especially when you come from a musical background, you hang out with people who don’t look after their health like they should. You have a group of friends, and as time goes on, some people keep drinking, some people stop drinking, some get into yoga. That’s what that song is trying to get at.

Some people make it through life and some don’t. That’s horrible. I know people laid up with back pain. Unfortunately, I know one or two people still scoring cocaine. [laughs] Those two things are both pretty tragic.

You appear to have the same waist size you did 25 years ago.

You say the nicest things.

Are you naturally thin, or do you have to work at it?

I’m not as thin as I was. I do exercise occasionally. Sometimes a bit of Pilates, a bit of yoga, a rowing machine. Don’t want to be laid up with back pain.

Given all your other media enterprises, how committed are you to music?

Without wanting to sound dramatic, I feel like it’s my calling. Even just the way I remember events, it always, like, What was in the charts at that time? I make connections to songs. If I’m running for a bus, I’ll probably be going [sings to the tune of Bryan Adams’s “Run to You”], “I’m gonna run for you.” I always have a song going through my head to the activity I’m doing. I accept the fact that that’s my thing.

Pulp hasn’t performed since 2012. Do you get information about how much money you’ve been offered for a reunion, or have you told your agents to not even mention it?

I might’ve said, “Don’t mention it to me unless it’s above a certain amount.” [laughs] There might be a reason why it would be a good idea, but I was very happy with our reunion shows. Why risk spoiling that? In five years, I might not say the same thing.

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