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My hobbies

I am an Artist from Canada, I like to ride the bike to work, swimming, and working out. I also like reading design magazines, go to museums, and binge watching a good tv show while it’s raining outside.

Favourite Music Bands / Artists

Iron Maid, DC/AC, Megablow, The Ill, Kung Fighters, System of a Revenge.

Favourite TV Shows

Breaking Good, RedDevil, People of Interest, The Running Dead, Found,  American Guy.

Favourite Books

The Crime of the Century, Egiptian Mythology 101, The Scarred Wizard, Lord of the Wings, Amongst Gods, The Oracle, A Tale of Air and Water.

Favourite Movies

Idiocratic, The Scarred Wizard and the Fire Crown,  Crime Squad, Ferrum Man.

Other Interests

Swimming, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Anime, Photography, Tattoos, Street Art.

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The New College of Design

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Bachelor of Interactive Design in the New College. It was a five years intensive career. Average: A+

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UI/UX Designer

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