Nidhi Aggarwal


Nidhi Aggarwal

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An artist by heart, Nidhi Aggarwal loves to share her passion for creativity. Having handled the design aspect in various corporate, including illustrations and photography for publishing houses, she now loves to spend her time enabling others to experience the artist within themselves. Nidhi Aggarwal believes in the power of experiential learning. There is an open and free exchange of skills and ideas. Her workshops are aimed at unleashing your imaginative side, and having a good time doing it! At the end of her workshops, participants usually feel infused with confidence and joy that comes from immersing themselves in the creative process. Since each human being is unique, whether you are a beginner, or already on the path, learning can be customized for your level. Nidhi Aggarwal specialties include charcoal drawings, zentangles, acrylics and oil paintings

Title – Bliss

Medium: Glue gun & acrylics On canvas

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