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Product Description

Angela&Alex pouring strainersAngela&Alex pouring strainers

Angela&Alex acrylic pouring strainers & acrylic art supplies. Everyone can make their own paintings works by using our acrylic art strainers although you are a beginner.

Pouring painting timesPouring painting times

play timeplay time

Painting step reference:

1.prepare our pouring strainers & dye & water & cup(plastic or glass).

2. Pour your favorite dye into cups and pour right amount of some water, Stir well.

3.Mix your dye one by one (white dye first is a great choice).

4.Mixed dye has prepared already, put our pouring strainers on the desk and slowly pour your mixed dye down by circle. Now begin your amazing awesome painting.

show your worksshow your works

Everything’s art

Our strainers are every lightweight in a vivid color. you can make your painting masterpieces in any places.

Furthermore, not only you can pick up your works and hang on wall, but also as an exhibition or a showcase when you meet your friends.

pouring directly

pouring directly



drawing times

drawing times

Easy to work

Prepare your dye, cups, water and our strainer.

Choose your favorite color dye and one strainer.

Mix your dye with water and pouring them. your works are finished. Brainstorming to find other usage.

Family time

On one hand, you can make your paintings with your friends, classmate and family.

On the other hand, these strainers can as a gifts or your can send your painting works as gifts which is most meaningful.

Creative product

There are seven types strainers and each of them has their own design which can offer you many choices to make your paintings. The image above is one of my works for your reference.

INTERESTING USAGE: For painting, you can mix dye or petrol and pour into our strainers to get wonderful visual effect.Also great as sink strainers.
DRAWING STEPS REFERENCE: Prepare our strainers,plastic glass,water and dye – mix them in an appropriate proportion – pour through strainers – get your masterpiece.
MATERIAL: They are made of silicone and plastic.Very easy to clean – by water.
DIMENSION: Red – Green – Blue – Pink – Beige: 4.5”-5.3”-4.3”-4.3”- 7”

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