Mont Marte Gallery Series Acrylic Brush Set, 6 Piece. Selection of Synthetic Hair Paint Brushes Suitable for Acrylic Painting



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Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set

About Mont Marte
“Taking Art to the People” – with that vision in mind, Mont Marte has become the Australian market leader in the art and crafts industry. Our warehouse/distribution center distributes to an ever-expanding list of countries worldwide, with products available in more than 50 countries.
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Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set – Acrylic 6pce
The paint brush set contains a superb selection of ultra-fine taklon brushes in a commonly used range of sizes and shapes – 1 x Round 6, 1 x Round 16, 1 x Flat 8, 1 x Flat 10, 1 x Filbert 8 and 1 x Filbert 10, which allows artists to have the proper brushes at fingertips. The shed-free brushes provide consistent paint flow and quality strokes for artists at all skill levels. 


High Quality Brushes for Use with Acrylic

These bristles are dense enough with excellent strength and flexibility, while offering remarkable spring and resilience; Finest synthetic bristles are double crimped and secured in seamless black ferrules to prevent shedding; Sleek gun metal wooden handles are specially designed to make the brushes easier to hold with great comfort and better control without wiggling; The wide range is ideal for different art projects, ranging from simple linear application to multiple painting techniques and effects.
Brush Type and Care Guide
Round – thick to medium strokes; round stippling and dots; good for drybrush techniques. Flat – good for broad strokes; hold a lot of paint; thin lines can be created when side of brush used. Filbert – can produce a broad range of effects, a good all round brush; holds a lot of paints; good for controlled work due to the points.
Cleaning is a breeze…
Do not allow the paint to harden on the brush; Remove as much paint as possible with a paper towel or a rag and clean thoroughly with brush cleaner or soapy water until all traces of color are gone; Gently reshape bristles with fingers and allow them to dry prior to storage.

6 synthetic hair paint brushes included: 1 x round 6, 1 x round 16, 1 x flat 8, 1 x flat 10, 1 x filbert 8 and 1 x filbert 10
Professional quality: brushes are made with taklon bristles
Sleek design: gunmetal grey wooden handles and black ferrules
Suitable for all skill levels
Shed resistant: fine taklon bristles are held in black ferrules to ensure no hairs shed off to spoil your artworks

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