Transon Artist Paint Brush Set of 12 for Watercolor Acrylic Gouache Oil and Tempera Painting



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Product Description


paint brushespaint brushes

This series of paint brushes are hand-crafted premium set, and they are also practical.

They are perfect for canvas painting, body painting, rock painting, craft painting, decoration painting, etc.

12 pieces of premium paint brushes inlcluding:

Flat: 7, 12

Filbert: 3, 8, 10

Angled: 4, 7, 11

Round: 5, 9

Liner: 1, 2

Overall length:

#1 20.7cm #2 20.3cm #3 20.3cm #4 20.4cm

#5 20.9cm #6 21.5cm #7 21.6cm #8 22cm

#9 22.3cm #10 22.6c #11 23cm #12 23cm

painting brushpainting brush

Care Your Brushes

Clean the brushes right after use by soaking in lukewarm soap water (Do not use hot water!) and rinse well.

Gently reshape the bristles with fingers, let dry first in room-temperature(Do not rest the brushes on their hairs!).

Premium & Professional

Premium Brush Set

Premium nylon, dual color, high flexibility, great water absorbency, carries a fare amount of paints.
Ergonomic belly handle, medium size, comfortable grip, smooth paint finish.
Cold black, high-intensity aluminum ferrules, sturdy and durable.

Assorted & Versatile

Assorted tips including: round, liner, flat, filbert, angle.
Works with different media: Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Tempera, Gouache, etc.

Transon Professional Artist Paint Brush Set 12-pack

paint brushes artistpaint brushes artist

nylon hair

nylon hair

paint brush

paint brush

acrylic brush

acrylic brush

acrylic paint brushacrylic paint brush

Wide-range assorted paint brush set – 12 pieces of art brushes, including flat, filbert, angle, round, liner.
Premium – high-grade nylon, hand-crafted brushes are made out of rigorous standard and quality control. Ergonomic handle grip, 5-layer smooth paint finished handles, secured in double-crimped aluminum ferrules.
Versatile paint brushes – these brushes are suitable for different media such as watercolors, acrylics, gouaches, oil, tempera, etc.
Practical – general painting, body painting, canvas painting, model painting, rock painting, craft painting, and more.
Transon dual-color nylon, exquisite handmade, dedicated. Perfect gift for artists, teachers, pros, amateurs.

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