Transon Red Sable Filbert Paint Brushes 6pcs for Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Tempera and Gouache Painting

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filbert paint brushfilbert paint brush

Transon Filbert Sable Hair Artist Paint Brushes are suitable for Acrylic ,Oil , Watercolor and Gouache Painting. Hand crafted brush set of 6 pieces, long handle.

Perfect for artist, professionals, students, hobbyist, etc.

Hair Width

#2 5.5 mm

#4 7 mm

#6 9 mm

#8 12 mm

#10 15 mm

#12 20 mm

filbert artist brushfilbert artist brush

Inside the Package

6 pieces of round paint brushes.

Brush protect packing with brush slots.

Brush instruction.

Care your brushes

Clean the brushes right after use by soaking in lukewarm soap water(Do not use hot water!) and rinse well. Gently reshape the bristles with fingers, let dry first in room-temperature(Do not rest the brushes on their hairs!).

Overall Length

#2 27.4 cm

#4 27.9 cm

#6 28.7 cm

#8 29.2 cm

#10 30 cm

#12 32 cm

Hand-crafted Filbert Paint Brush Set

paint brush hair

paint brush hair

brush set

brush set

artist paint brush handle

artist paint brush handle

filbert paint brush

filbert paint brush

Natural Brush Hair

These carefully selected natural sable hairs have great absorbency, hold paint perfectly. They are extremely soft with excellent resilience.

Durable Ferrule

Double crimped ferrule made from nickle plated high quality copper. More durable and rust-resistant, last a long time if well cared.

Comfortable Grip

Well balanced handles made from birch wood with beautiful UV paint finish after 6-layer paint process.

Luxurious feelings and comfortable grip.

Versatile Filbert Brush Set

These filbert paint brushes are suitable for acrylic, watercolors, oil, gouache, tempera painting, etc.

Exclusive selections of filbert paint brush set – They are great for acrylic, oil, watercolor and gouache painting. Natural hair brushes are not recommended for face or body painting.
Natural hairs- Have great capacity of holding liquid, excellent resilience, stay in shape.
Perfectly balanced handle – Made from birch painted under 6 processes which THE LAST PROCESS IS UV PAINT. PURPLISH COLOR, SMOOTH TOUCH, Luxurious feel and comfortable grip.
STURDY FERRULE DURABLE – Nickel plated, copper made ferrules are double crimped, secured to the handle, they are durable. NO WIGGLING. Hairs secured in ferrules by advanced technology, avoiding SHEDDING hairs when you are working on your paintings.
This filbert paint brush set includes 6 popular sizes: #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12.

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