Trevor Noah Praises Fox News Host for Actually Questioning Trump


“Chris Wallace did two things right there that Trump absolutely hates: He proved him wrong, and he made him do homework.” — TREVOR NOAH

“Come on, Chris. Trump didn’t come on Fox News to get fact-checked. Talk to your colleagues.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“When asked yesterday about his statements that downplay the severity of the coronavirus, President Trump said, quote, ‘I guess everybody makes mistakes.’ Yeah, but there are mistakes, and then there are mistakes. When I over-water one of my plants the economy stays open and Americans can still travel to Canada.” — SETH MEYERS

“Here’s where the interview got really sad. Lately, Trump has been bragging nonstop about passing a cognitive test. Now remember, passing this test is not impressive. It checks for things like brain damage, asking real stumpers like ‘Name these three animals,’ making it the most difficult test Trump has taken since the one where he had to get all the pee in the cup.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“It’s chilling to see the most powerful man in the world bragging that he passed a test that they give people to find out whether they should be allowed to take the bus by themselves.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

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