What’s on TV Monday: ‘The God of High School’ and ‘Personal Problems’


THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL Stream on Crunchyroll. In East Asian animation, educational institutions are more than just common settings. They’re often portrayed as crucibles within which the transformation from childhood to adult life occurs. The main character in this new series from Crunchyroll, an adaptation of the online comic by Yongje Park, is a high school student and taekwondo practitioner named Jin Mo-Ri who is invited to participate in a fighting tournament along with others in his age group. The competitors use their cultivated skill as well as power borrowed from the gods to try to advance. But gods aren’t the only supernatural entities that exist within this world: Demons are real, too, and they’ve clashed with humans in the past.

PERSONAL PROBLEMS (1980) Stream on Mubi. The director Bill Gunn is best known for “Ganja and Hess,” an experimental vampire movie from 1973 that went on to become a cult favorite and was remade by Spike Lee as “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” in 2015. But Gunn, an underrated filmmaker whose work often wasn’t accorded the same respect as that of his white peers, made two other features. This one, his last, takes its cue from soap operas rather than horror films and is no less innovative and powerful. It follows an orbit around the marital problems of Johnnie Mae Brown (Vertamae Grosvenor), a nurse in Harlem, and her husband, Charles (Walter Cotton). “The viewer gets a wide window into African-American life in New York at this time,” Glenn Kenny wrote of the movie in his review for The Times. “It’s intimate to the point of awkwardness.”

THE FOSTERS Stream on Amazon Prime. Until relatively recently, gay characters were uncommon on TV. When they did appear, they were often portrayed insensitively, or at least clumsily. This series, which debuted in 2013 on ABC Family (now called Freeform), was celebrated by some for its more evenhanded depiction of Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum), a lesbian couple raising one biological son and four adopted children in a San Diego suburb. Over the course of five seasons, their family goes through many of the same things that other TV clans have before them: growing pains, parental miscues, romantic troubles and other, more dramatic events including health scares and a shooting. The full series is now available on Amazon.

LOVE & LISTINGS 9 p.m. on VH1. Our interest in celebrities has grown so great that we now devote attention, sometimes even to a comparable extent, to those who are celebrity adjacent. The real estate agents featured in this reality show, which kicks off its second season tonight, specialize in selling high-value homes in Southern California to big-name clients like Amber Rose, Jermaine Dupri and Sean Kingston. One of the agents in the cast is Suge Jacob Knight, the son of the Death Row Records co-founder Marion Knight, better known as Suge.

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